Not long ago, on a day like any other , a microscopic essence -pure and retransformed energy began its journey through this planet of ours. Today that being is this repository body of mine, which somewhere along the way decided to enter the sacred corridors of the aesthetic , intuitive and expressive realm of a forthcoming world .
My work tries to articulate the exploration of visual space-a perspicuous space that demands the spectator to experience two separate entities: Physical and optical . My sculptures visually comment upon the challenges coexisting beyond the benevolent atmosphere of our terrestrial planet. There through our intuitive , universal energy and harvested through our physical and psychological world which reinvents itself speculatively and spectacularly into this cognitive forthcoming ethereal world .
Thus, new matrices are reborn, bloom, fade away, abort, and die on the eternal circle of retransformed energy of the mind, expressed through an infinite range of colors and forms and unforeseen , unending mediums.
On the plain of a painting the correlation between the mood of the subjects involved , be they physical or psychological , largely determines the celestial atmosphere evolving through the magic infusion of pigments, weighted, and determined by the drama, be it of exalted wonder, extroverted evil or introverted ugliness.
On this journey of my spirit, each painting becomes a challenge in the realm of forms to be reinvented , and psychologies to be created anew. There are no battles, there are no struggles, in the pursuit to reach them only the dominance of perception. Thus the ultimate doer through the medium of my soul, sails like a craft in its element, in a timeless, infinite world of wonder.